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Address: 217 West 42nd Street, New York, NY

Master Holistic Healing & Spiritual High Priestess
Gifted with Shamanic Power and Ability.

Psychic Reader - Spiritual Healer
Spiritual Advisor & Counselor - Life Coach

Choose any Reading $30.00
Combination of any 2 Readings $50.00


Psychic - Tarot Cards - Palms - Aura

Spiritual - Love - Chkra - Past Life - Candle


Hello and welcome to my website. I'm Leah's Spirit. With over 30 years of successful experience My Readings and Healings will truly change your life for the better bringing you insight, clarity, direction, and a deep lasting snse of peace.

My main purpose is to guide you on the right path to True Love, Happiness, Success, and Prosperity.

Are you feeling Confused - Worried - Nervous - Depressed or Blocked.

Are you going through challenges in your life with Love and Relationships - Family - not sure where your Career or Business is going or unsure what your purpose is.

I am a born god gifted and blessed psychic who will reveal your Past - Present and Future.

I am a life coach who will give you spiritual guidance and direction with my matter of life.
Love - Marriage - Family - Career Goals - Success in Business.

I am a Love and Relationship Specialist.

Specializing in all matters of the heart.
Specializing in reuniting separated relationships with a permanent union.
Restoring communication, trust and intimacy.

I bring twin flames together.
I will help you find your soulmate.

I will reveal to you hidden trust's of the one you seek.

I hold the key to unlocking your lover's heart - mind and intentions

I pinpoint obstacles and provide answers and solutions.

I am a Powerful Spiritual High Priestess

God gifted with Shamanic Powers and ability with over 30 years of successful experience.

Are you feeling Stress - Anxiety - Depressed - Cursed - Alone - Lost - Overwhelmed - Blocked?

I remove all forms of Negative Energies and Blockages caused by Jealousy and Evil Eye.

Specializing in Removing and Destorying

Specializing in removing and destroying Black Magic - Voodoo - Hoodoo - Obeah Curse - Curses - Evil Spirits and Entities - Removal of Unwanted and Unhealthy Soul ties.
Removal and Clearing of Negative Karma
Removal and Clearing of Negative Past Life Karma
Removal and Clearing of Negative Spirit Attachments

Cleanse the Past - Heal the Present - Balance the Future

I am a spiritual counselor.
I will help you with spiritual healing therapy for Mind - Nody and Soul.

Specializing in healing and releasing deep emotional pain from childhood or current trauma.

Healing and releasing negative emotions from past toxic love relationsihps or family relationships.

I will help you cope with and overcome emotional pain and damage from deep emotional trauma.

I will help you find Balance and Peace in your life.

Every person and relationship has a purpose with one reading I will reveal and explain yours.

I will help restore your life's path and bring you purpose.

I provide life changing solutions and devine guidance.

The first step you have to take alone is to contact me. I will help and guide you through every other step.

All my Readings - Healings and Therapy are completely Private and Confidential.

Hi everyone Thank you for visiting my website.

I'm Leah this is my story.

I was Born and raised in New York City. Born into an Ancient Bloodline of the spiritually gifted and blessed. I was raised by my grandmother who was also spiritually gifted and world recognised. She taught and skilled me to master the gifts I was born with. Soon after developing my own skills and techniques rapidly climbing the spiritual ranks to high priestess and calling on my own spirit guides, my grandmother was impressed and very proud.

After working with my grandmother in her psychic shop for a over 10 years. In 1996 I had a dream of my own with her blessings I successfully opened my own psychic stand on West 42nd Street in Times Square, New York City where I have been giving readings for over 20 years. In my over 30 years of experience, I am proud to say I have helped thousands of people from all over the world.

Some people just having a reading for a little fun. Some needing Insight, Clarity and Advice of different matters of their lives. And some with deep strong spiritual problems.

With all my heart I am very happy that I have helped them. And many have become personal friends of mine.

Through my many different services I have devoted my life to helping people from all over the world. I take what I do and who I am very serious. This isn't a job or career to me. This is my life.

So if you are around New York City Times Square, walk over have your psychic reading today. Don't be shy. If not, don't let distance be a problem. My Readings and Healings are available in person, phone, video call and email.

The first step you have to take alone is to Contact me.

I will help and guide you through every other step.

Phone: (347) 447-5597

whatsapp: + 1 347-447-5597

Address: 217 West 42nd Street, New York, NY

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